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SOLAR candy - window lattice

By far the handiest window lattice on the market
SOLAR candy
Novelty, SOLAR candy X-lattice!

By far the handiest window lattice on the market.

See for yourself:
- study aluminium structure
- cotter is of stainless steel
- easy to install
- quickly removed and fastened
- no parts on the window frame to hinder washing
- withstands the rough Finnish climate without warping
- also available with a smooth surface

Drill holes into the window frame.
Snap the lattice into place.
No wonder they say it's handy.

Watch animation of installation


Brochures / Instructions / Forms
Product brochure (pdf)
Measuring instruction, detachable X-lattice (pdf)
Brochure, detachable X-lattice (pdf)
Measuring instruction, detachable lattice (pdf)


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